Yarn gone walkabout

087Have you ever known absolutely for sure that you had an item but then you couldn’t find it?  I think the right answer to that question is a resounding, “Duh!”  This is my latest story on that subject.


I had fallen in love with three colors of a yarn that I absolutely had to have.  They were the only skeins of yarn in those colors left.  I had to buy them that day or I was sure they’d be forever gone out of my life.  Such a sadness.  So I bought them and put them in my knitting bag.  I carried them around in that bag for about a week.  They went back and forth from home to the knitting shop several times that week – to a class, to Knit Night, just for fun.  Then one day I took them out of my knitting bag.  Several days passed.  I started thinking about that yarn and wondering exactly where it was.  I knew it was somewhere so I didn’t panic.  A few more days passed.  I casually looked for it, knowing that it would turn up.  Hmmmm, it wasn’t anywhere.  I began asking anyone who’d been in the house if they’d seen it.  I searched in earnest.  I called the knit shop to see if I’d left it there.  They searched.  There was no sign of this yarn anywhere.


It was as if it had gone on an Aussie Walkabout – just gotten (is this a word yet?) up and left of its own accord, not telling anyone.  I was getting really worried, wondering if I’d somehow well and truly lost 5 little skeins of yarn that were perfect for ……. something.  I went through drawers, I upended each bag I have for knitting projects, I ended up organizing all my miscellaneous yarn (we call this a Stash in the knitting world) – with no sign of my coveted new yarn.  I was at my wits’ end!


One day I was visiting the projects that I have yarn for but haven’t started.  They’re in a closet all nicely organized, each in its own bag with a picture of the pattern stapled to the front.  I did that one day after I’d bought the yarn I’d been looking for high and low.  As I was gazing at them, liking how nice and tidy they looked on the shelf, I did a double take.  Sure enough, there was my yarn – perfectly organized in its own bag with the pattern I’d chosen for it!  It had been right there in plain sight the whole time.  Yes, I do indeed remember I had that brilliant idea for organizing my projects.  I remember the entire day spent bringing that idea to reality.  Now that I think about it, I remember putting that yarn into its own bag with its own pattern as one of the last things I did that day.  I think it wasn’t the yarn that went walkabout – it was my brain!


You’ve probably been wondering what’s so special about this yarn?  To tell the truth, I’m not quite sure but it certainly called out to me that day – it’s 100% wool, hand painted in California by a company named Freia.  The colors are Driftwood, Red Oxide and Papyrus.  Basically a brown, rusty and tannish  color.


Now, take a look at the photo above – find the bag in the middle with the picture of the woman in the black top with the long cowl.  That’s the bag where the yarn was hiding!!  So ends my journey into the land of yarn gone walkabout – a happy ending with a huge sigh of relief!


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  1. Susan

    I so enjoyed reading this story. You are such a creative writer!

    February 19th, 2014

  2. Janet

    That has happened to me, so many times! And when I find the “missing” item, I remember exactly why I had put it there.

    Remember my “missing” necklace, back in November? Yup! Same deal.

    Sometimes I wish I could trade brains with someone else. Sigh.

    February 20th, 2014

  3. Kathy King

    I’m with Janet; who will trade with me? Pleaseeeeeee

    May 6th, 2014

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