Springtime in the Rockies has delightful surprises for those of us who love it here!  Today is one of them.

snow day!

My life has been especially hectic lately, nothing to worry about but it’s been draining.  I’ve wondered how I was going to make progress on a few time sensitive knit projects, plan our family Easter Brunch, get my materials ready for my next technique demonstration  at my favorite yarn shop (tomorrow!) and do it all with a sense of fun.  Sometimes it is easy to let even joyful activities weigh me down.


However, when I looked out my window this morning I was given a lovely surprise.  I couldn’t see outside due to all the snow that was on the screen!  YAY!  A spring snowstorm!  First order was to call my husband and tell him, second order of business was to run downstairs, find a window that wasn’t covered with snow and look out upon my gift of a magnificently beautiful snow-covered landscape.  First thought was of beauty, second thought was …..knitting day!, third thought was “uh-oh, can I get to my nail appointment?”  That has since been cancelled so it’s knitting all day!!

I sat down to write this even before I made my morning pot of tea and nothing trumps my tea!  So next order of business is to fill the kettle.  As I wait for it to boil, I am going to luxuriate in my glorious, unexpected, beautiful snow day.  This is a day made for knitting and tea and wondering at the beauty of nature.  20160323_080626

What do you do with an unexpected weather day that keeps you inside?


A Rather Scary Thing

Well, that may be overstating it a bit……


I have recently taken the plunge and become a public knitter.  I’ve done it three times in the last few weeks and it just might become a habit!  The reason it’s scary is because I am just a tad too concerned with what others think of me.


Here’s what I’ve done – knitted at dinner with a friend, at a Silent Auction/Dinner fundraiser during the live auction and while I was listening to an author speak.  This took courage because I had to overcome my concern that someone who saw me might frown at this activity.


kate's bag

Mind you, I wasn’t working on a huge blanket!  My project was in a beautiful little bag that sits nicely on my arm and was unobtrusive.  I can see that public knitting might have it’s advantages besides getting further along on my project – such as helping to strike up conversations with strangers and perhaps giving others the courage to knit in public.


The driving force behind this new activity is to get some of my Works In Progress (WIPs in knitting jargon) finished.  Like any proper knitter, I have several and I can’t wait to see progress on them!

project bags

I shall report on further public knitting events!

Happiness is ……

…..several hours devoted to a lacy baby blanket without interruption!


Perfection is in the details of those hours.  I have a craft table set up in my daughter’s old bedroom that overlooks the street of our quiet neighborhood.  I cracked the window for some fresh air; listened to my favorite Hawaiian music that reminds me of my dear friend and knitting guru Kate; had a cup of tea at the ready and some chocolate in case of an emergency.  The sun shone in while I worked; peace and quiet happiness rolled up together to fill my soul.



I thought of my daughter and her first baby – a son, as I worked away on the intricate piece of beauty.  I marveled at how I came to be a knitter who could take on such a project; keeping track of each stitch aloud, “knit 7, yarn over, slip 1, knit 1, pass slipped stitch over, do it again, knit 1, knit 2 together, yarn over, do it again, knit 3, knit 2 together” and repeat the whole thing 8 times.  I thought of  everyone involved in getting me to this point, mentally thanking each one.


Ahhhhh, true happiness!