About Me

747What about me?  What might you be interested in knowing about me?

I live in Colorado – I love it!  I love the seasons, the outdoor activities, the beauty of the mountains, being close to Rocky Mountain National Park – everything!

I have a husband and two grown children – a son and a daughter.  I also have a son-in-law but no daughter-in-law is on the horizon yet!

I have, at one time or another in my life, been a stay-at-home mom; kindergarten teacher, first grade teacher, literacy teacher of 1st and 2nd grade struggling readers, a private tutor of the same readers with more students interested than I could handle, a breast cancer and chemo patient and now I can add being a knitter to that list!

I can remember playing with yarn and needles when I was little.  I gave it up until I was living in Australia as the mother of a dear little girl who needed her own hand-made sweater!  She was three at the time and my good friend helped me choose a pattern, yarn and needles and helped me every step of the way through that sweater.   I was off to a good start as a knitter but found, when we returned to the US, that knitting was not in vogue!  Fast forward to the fall of 2012 when I was looking for a project to occupy my mind and hands while I was recovering from surgery.   I was out to breakfast with a friend one morning and she needed to get some yarn.  You can imagine the rest….I went with her, bought some yarn and my first circular needles and I was a goner!  I discovered that my neighbor is an avid knitter and willing to answer questions; I cajoled a friend into taking Learn to Knit classes with me; I found a delightful Local Yarn Shop; I met a fantastic, extremely patient knitting guru and haven’t been without a project (or two or three) since!