A Rather Scary Thing

Well, that may be overstating it a bit……


I have recently taken the plunge and become a public knitter.  I’ve done it three times in the last few weeks and it just might become a habit!  The reason it’s scary is because I am just a tad too concerned with what others think of me.


Here’s what I’ve done – knitted at dinner with a friend, at a Silent Auction/Dinner fundraiser during the live auction and while I was listening to an author speak.  This took courage because I had to overcome my concern that someone who saw me might frown at this activity.


kate's bag

Mind you, I wasn’t working on a huge blanket!  My project was in a beautiful little bag that sits nicely on my arm and was unobtrusive.  I can see that public knitting might have it’s advantages besides getting further along on my project – such as helping to strike up conversations with strangers and perhaps giving others the courage to knit in public.


The driving force behind this new activity is to get some of my Works In Progress (WIPs in knitting jargon) finished.  Like any proper knitter, I have several and I can’t wait to see progress on them!

project bags

I shall report on further public knitting events!